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198 : Captured Zoro! Chopper's Emergency Operat...

Meanwhile, Nami is assigned by the boss of the janitors to clean the dojo, and Chopper overhears that Zoro has been captured. Some Marines find him, and they run past the closet that Nami hides in. Chopper reaches a locked door but breaks the lock and manages to hide behind a crate full of deer antlers. Some doctors carry the crate outside with Chopper trapped inside. He is carried to the medical room, which is staffed with a single, inexperienced doctor. Outside, Nami is now dressed in a nurse uniform that she found in the closet. Several nurses run past, and drags Nami to the infirmary, stating that it was an emergency. Chopper realizes that he in in the infirmary, and wonders if the doctor is going to be okay.

198 : Captured Zoro! Chopper's Emergency Operat...




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