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Buy Teardrop Trailer Used

Inside a teardrop camper is basically like hard-sided tents that you tow. There is usually room for 2 people to sleep, plus some cabinetry. Many have a rear hatch that pops up to reveal and outdoor kitchen galley for preparing meals. Many do not have bathrooms, and the ones that do typically cost a bit more and are larger in size.

buy teardrop trailer used

About the TCTeardrops Original Trailer: TCTeardrops Original Trailer comes in 200 different side colors. The top and fenders come diamond plated. This cheap teardrop trailer has standard features such as a 12V accessory outlet, dual USB ports, and LED lights inside and in the outdoor galley.

And the galley has shelving and a slide-out, detachable table. Plus, you can add on many other amenities, such as a portable toilet. Additionally, the trailer has two doors with windows, screens, locks, and two air vents.

A cheap teardrop trailer is a great option for weekend camping trips and hiking. But they can also be beneficial for a long road trip in which you just need it for a place to sleep. Some consider teardrop trailers as a tent upgrade.

At nuCamp, our passion is building the exceptional. Our team members are dedicated to building with integrity and embracing innovative design. Each of our campers are meticulously handcrafted at our manufacturing facility in Sugarcreek, Ohio. We place quality and customer care at the forefront of everything we do. Our mission is to build exceptional travel trailers for extraordinary customers.

When you purchase a nuCamp product, you become part of the nuCamp family. That comes with unparalleled customer support and a welcoming camper community. Join in the fun, attend one of our teardrop camper rallies, share your camping adventure, or join one of the numerous social media groups dedicated to our products. It is this nuCamp community that makes us stand out from the competition as the premier manufacturer of teardrop trailers and truck campers.

After more than a decade of camping in an eight-foot long teardrop trailer, I feel I can provide both the pros and cons of the lightweight, miniature campers. There are a ton of pros for them, but not too many people talk about the cons.

Since then, teardrops have evolved into both homebuilt and mass manufactured industries. Their popularity has increased exponentially in the last decade due to their cuteness factor, availability, and ease of use.

Over the years of teardrop camping, my husband and I camped in all types of weather including pouring rain, freezing snow, gusty winds, Burning Man dust storms, and damp fog. We and our trailer survived, but it was never as much fun as camping on those sunny 70-degree days.

Bad weather would sometimes deter us from taking a trip or would keep us inside our less than 40-square-foot space. There are ways to add additional shelter to a teardrop trailer, but less than ideal weather is always an issue.

While it was never a big deal for me, not having a bathroom is a big deterrent for some experienced and newbie campers. There are ways to add a camping toilet or bucket to your teardrop trailer arsenal, but I have never seen a teardrop with a dedicated bathroom with a sink. Some teardrops have a sink in the galley kitchen, but many are built without them.

Along with the lack of room comes a lack of extra beds for a larger family. Some teardrop trailers come with fold-down beds for small children, but most families with one or two kids need to snuggle up together in the same bed. Check out Playing with Sticks on YouTube to see how some families accomplish this.

You can find more affordable used teardrop trailers online, but they do tend to get snapped up quickly. Since they are so desirable, they also retain their value and owners are not letting their old teardrops go at too low a price.

While there are a few reasons to avoid purchasing a teardrop trailer, I had a blast camping in mine. My little 850 lb. camper went quickly and easily over mountain passes, through national parks, and around curvy roads. It fit into tight campsites and even through fast food drive thru windows. In addition, everywhere it went it would draw a crowd and even charm a few highway patrol officers.

We have a tear drop trailer made by Safari Condo in Canada. We chose it after seeing two while camping in our ALiner. We have the Alto 1723 retractable roof. We have a bathroom, inside/outside shower and a dining area with refrigerator and two burner stove. We have AC and heat. All the cons we have. And it is 18 feet long and raises up to 8 foot 4 inches withe roof up.

In defense of these trailers, storage is easy due to their small size and footprint, and are a step above tent camping. Plus, there are tents that can accompany the trailer (attach to it) for additional space to accommodate more people, for a portable toilet, and a small shower can be an addition as well.

I just sold my teardrop last October. Mine had a kitchen,a toilet and shower. It was a great introduction for me pulling a trailer. It was a 2013 and i paid $11,500. I traded it in for a 2021 Winnebago Micro Minnie. I got a trade in of $16,000.Been camping once in new trailer and new car and it still seems small inside. I am getting use to pulling something that size. I am 76 and nervous trying new things. But wanted to say i loved my teardrop just looking for a few modern conveniences. I noticed a the dealership i taded it too has it forsale for $19,500.!!! Crazy.

We went planning on buying a teardrop camper, but after looking at the Aliner fold down campers, we decided not to get a teardrop for the reasons mentioned. We can stand up, cook, shower and stay comfortably in inclement weather in an Aliner.

I have a great teardrop camper. It is my step up from tent camping, was very affordable and has all the space I need. I tow with an Outback and also use a pop up screen room for cooking and relaxing. The company I found makes campers that are up to 6 foot inside. It has a portable potty inside for night use. Exhaust fan and AC. Lots of add-ons optional. Less than 10k for many models.The teardrop is perfect for me. I am a solo camper and the security of a locking door and windows is great. My camper is custom made and the company Rustic Trail Teardrops out of NC have backed their product. Many owners connect and camp together. I love the ease of towing and parking. I have a stationary twin bed and a seating area with table and plenty of storage. Love my teardrop!

Because of their small size, teardrops are among the more affordable RVs you can buy. Prices vary, but many range from under $20,000 to over $40,000. Keep in mind that the price is highly dependent on what features and upgrades you choose. You can get everything from off-road tires to solar power packages installed.

The Rove Lite 14BH has a dinette (converts to a 74-inch by 54-inch bed), pantry with 3 cu. ft. refrigerator, two burner cooktop and sink. A wet bath is located mid-trailer. At the rear of the RV is a sofa that becomes a 36-inch by 74-inch bed with a bunk bed above it.

This teardrop RV has an aerodynamic design and was built with Azdel composite and Hydro-Lite material. It weighs just 1602 lbs. dry and measures 15 feet and 4 inches. You can also add on an electric slide awning, outside shower, and/or a 32 inch HD TV.

Over the years, the popularity of camping trailers has been thriving, offering campers and outdoors enthusiasts a fun and practical way to travel. In the world of teardrop trailers, you will find that less is really more!

While many things have changed since the first introduction of teardrop trailers on the highway, the reasons for owning one are the same today as they were years ago; they are sensible, sleek and aerodynamic.

There are many different designs and models available, where you can sleep a single adult or even a family with children. Many different travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal lovers alike, are discovering the wonderful world of teardrop camping trailers.

Whether you are a weekend camper, who simply enjoys spending time camping with the family, or an avid outdoorsman who hunts and fishes, you can find a trailer that will suit your needs on our site. At, we offer completely free classifieds for camper trailers, teardrop trailers, parts, accessories, and more!

There is no account needed and there is never a charge to browse or post your sales ad. Post a free sales ad or search through the classifieds to find quality used teardrop camper trailers for sale. Find out today why so many people are buying and experiencing the satisfaction of owning teardrop camper trailers.

Vistabule teardrop camper trailers offer beautiful retro design and hand crafted quality in a small, easy to tow package for your adventures. This tiny house on wheels begins with standard features that include large doors & windows, galley kitchen, large sofa bed, abundant gear storage and flexible ventilation, but offers additional comfort and luxury through curated customizable options.

Know what you are getting into prior to purchasing a used camper. Make sure you have all the paperwork with you to avoid having to track down the previous owner for a few signatures. This varies by state, but you can always call the DMV and ask prior to pick-up.

Mold, rot, caulking, and insulation are key factors for a healthy trailer. A good quality camper is insulated, this is a no-brainer. Check under the trailer for moldy floorboards. Get in the camper and feel around for any soft spots on the floor, this is likely a sign of rot (corners are usually weaknesses where water can get in). Inspect other areas, such as the kitchen and any shelving as well. 041b061a72


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