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Jackie Chan Stuntmaster: The Action-Packed Game That Lets You Fight Like Jackie Chan

youre forced to play as the main character, jackie chan, who uses his signature martial arts moves and items to defeat his enemies. each stage of the game has a boss, which usually consists of two or three different types of enemies. first, youll fight a melee attacker. second, youll encounter a projectile attacker.

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players will be able to select jackie chan as their character. jackie chan will wear a white outfit, a black mask, and white shoes. players will be able to punch, kick, jump, throw, and duck. jackie chan will be able to jump, walk, run, crouch, and crawl. players can jump over barricades, bridges, and obstacles. players will be able to take weapons and use them to kill enemies. jackie chan can throw knives, karate kicks, punches, kung fu kicks, and even fireballs. players will be able to use these weapons against their enemies. players will be able to shoot their opponents with a gun, throw grenades, and throw knives. players will also be able to use their fists and feet to grapple. players can also use their weapons and fists to fight. when using their weapons, players will be able to aim. in addition to their normal attacks, players can use a variety of weapon-specific attacks. players will be able to block, dodge, and parry attacks. jackie chan will be able to equip himself with a variety of items. players will be able to equip their character with a melee weapon, a gun, a knife, an explosive, a staff, and a shield.

there are 15 levels in jackie chan stuntmaster, each of which ends in a boss battle. the bosses are named billy chan, jackie chin, jackie fong, and wu tien. the level ends when players defeat the boss. players are able to play as jackie chan in all 15 levels. in level 1, players must find 12 golden masks. if players are able to find all 12, they are rewarded with a golden dragon mask. level 15 is a boss battle against jackie fong. players will have to defeat jackie fong in an intense battle. jackie fong is a boss that is a combination of jackie chan and jackie chin. jackie chan is responsible for throwing the punches, while jackie chin is responsible for the kicks. players can use their fists to punch, dodge, and parry the attacks. players will also have to dodge the strikes from the two large cannons on jackie chan and the two sword-wielding heads on jackie chin.


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