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Where To Buy Kincaid Furniture

It's been said that "things aren't made the way they used to be," but at Kincaid, that's not exactly true. While several enhancements have been made since our beginnings in 1946, we still use solid wood construction, time-tested joinery techniques, and hand-rubbed finishes to craft our wood furniture.

where to buy kincaid furniture

Those looking for a Kincaid furniture store in Raleigh need look no further than Heavner Furniture Market, conveniently located on Glenwood Avenue. We also have a location in Smithfield, stocked with thousands of unique Kincaid furniture items.

Heavner buys all inventory in unconventional ways. Instead of paying retail, we acquire our Kincaid furniture via national furniture shows, as factory closeouts, or as special purchases. We cut out the middle man and bring you top-notch items at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc., is an international, industry-wide organization founded to research, collect and preserve our cultural, economic and artistic history, as well as to honor those individuals whose outstanding achievements have contributed to the continued growth and development of the U.S. furniture industry.

1320 N Carolina 90 Taylorsville, North Carolina28681 Contact Info Website: About Our Company Primary Industry Classification:Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing Established:1946 Kincaid is America's Leading manufacturer of SOLID WOOD furniture. We make heirloom quality furniture for every room of the home in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Our custom upholstery factory is in Taylorsville, Alexander County and our finishing and repairs operations are located in Hudson, NC.

Kincaid is an American manufacturer of Solid Wood furniture. Since 1946, the company has been providing stylish and quality furniture. If you choose this brand, they will give you personal customer service combining expertise and craftsmanship.

Kincaid furniture is available both online and in their retail stores. Their giant outlets are located in Illinois, Chambersburg, and outside North Carolina. Besides, their export market is all around including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.Visiting their retail stores, you can easily pick your favorite Kincaid furniture. You can also purchase Kincaid furniture through online marketplaces as they sell their products online. They will deliver your desired products anywhere in the world.Kincaid furniture is available on:

You can shop for your desired furniture from these platforms. You may prefer Amazon, as they sell verified and authentic products for a comparatively low price. You can use Amazon affiliate promotional codes to get a discount.Sometimes, they offer huge discounts for certain products. Hence, it has become a famous platform for online shopping.Related: Where is Thomasville FurnitureWho manufactures the Kincaid sofa?La-Z-Boy Incorporation currently manufactures the Kincaid sofa.

Joybird was founded on the idea that people should have the freedom to be boldly original when it comes to home furnishings. Its custom-made and curated furniture is built to meet the demands and unique tastes of its customers.

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