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The survey tool (comprising all seven questionnaires) was reviewed by an expert panel and piloted in two DHBs in 2007. Minor refinements were made and included clarification of the ICD 10 codes (International Statistical Classifications of Diseases, version 10 was updated in 2009) for use in COPD, CHF, CVD and stroke when extracting data from patient information systems and the use of discharge rather than admission data to code events. In October 2007 the 21 DHBs were contacted before the survey was mailed to a clinical leader, designated by the Chief Executive or equivalent, to coordinate a response. No one person in the DHB was thought to have the breadth of knowledge to answer all survey questionnaires. Consequently, senior clinicians, Māori general managers, Pacific and Asian general managers, and senior funders and planners contributed to this response. Non-respondents were followed up by phone and letter.

Dowell Systems Automotive Expert 9 03 FULL Version Downloadl

After screening titles and abstracts, we obtained full-text versions of publications that met inclusion criteria. Each full text version was assessed by one reviewer (EB, MR or SL) for eligibility in discussion with research team. Any research reports obtained from grey literature databases, websites or through contacting experts were downloaded and the full text was screened for inclusion. This process is recorded in the PRISMA Flow Diagram (Fig. 1) (Moher, Liberati, Tetzlaff, & Altman, 2009).


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