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the process of course is really just getting started for the online learning that will be offered at stillwater pioneer virtual academy. there are some tools in place now, but cawood says sps is developing policies for virtual learning, among them student learning support and privacy and security.

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pioneer virtual academy will also rely on ongoing collaboration between school and district leaders and the oregon independent school association (oisa) and the oregon community college association (occa), to ensure a seamless transition from traditional learning to virtual learning as courses are offered this fall. through the 2019-20 school year, oisa and occa have invested more than $4 million in professional development for both virtual learning infrastructure and student support. although virtual learning continues to evolve, cawood says, the infrastructure and support that these organizations are developing now is an investment in the long term.

cawood and her team have developed this program to provide an accelerated path toward college admission and create concurrent high school and university credit. they chose to go this route to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their potential for college and careers of the future, before allocating more time and money to achieve those goals.

but perhaps one of the most important benefits of virtual learning to students will be that they can spend time learning in the classrooms of teachers they know and trust, just like they do at their own schools.

school districts around the state have not been immune to the work-from-home trend, cawood says, and her team has already tapped into resources available online to create compelling online learning experiences for staff. but the team is also focused on continuing to develop staff training and support resources, and to ensure that those resources are available around-the-clock for teachers, students and parents.


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