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[S1E1] Death BETTER

As well as its superheroes parodies and blood-filled action, The Boys is known for foreshadowing events - a trend that started in the very first episode with Robin's death. The Boys episode 1, "The Name of the Game" doesn't waste time in showing how problematic superheroes could be in reality. This is especially true when, while discussing her future with Hughie, Robin is accidentally killed when the superfast A-Train, who is high on Compound V, obliterates her by running straight through her body. The shocking moment leads Hughie to join The Boys and fight against Supes, but eagle-eyed viewers will have seen Robin's death coming.

[S1E1] Death

Just moments before Robin's death, there are two hidden clues that foreshadow A-Train's imminent and unwelcome arrival. In Hughie's opening scene of The Boys, he is arranging an A-Train branded computer mouse on a shelf at the electronics store he works at just before Robin appears. That is quickly followed up by an A-Train advertisement being displayed on a taxi that the couple walks by when they leave the store together. Little over a minute later, in a manner similar to Robin's comic book death, the character is run out of existence when A-Train unintentionally turns her into a pile of blood and bones.

The subtle background shots of A-Train while Hughie is going about his day not only foreshadow Robin's death, but also signpost how the speedster will haunt Hughie for the rest of his life. Later in The Boys season 1, it is revealed that Hughie grew up adoring Supes, with posters of The Seven plastered across his bedroom walls. Ironically, Hughie even had a figurine of A-Train. The deep link that Hughie and A-Train have in The Boys is present throughout its first three seasons, but the dynamic of their hate-fueled relationship does eventually change.

From the moment A-Train murdered Robin, Hughie wanted justice. The immediate aftermath of her death saw Hughie accept Vought's $45,000 settlement and A-Train's disingenuous in-person apology, but Hughie only did that at the behest of The Boys' Billy Butcher, so he could bug The Seven's headquarters. Hughie's issues with A-Train only grew in season 1, episode 3, "Get Some", when A-Train didn't recognize him just weeks after he apologized to Hughie, proving that A-Train was never truly sorry about Robin's death. Even later in the season when the two argue face-to-face, A-Train refuses to acknowledge Robin's passing as anything more than an accident.

She further explains what gives her the added edge in her fights is the fact that Sonnie IS the Khanivore that she uses to fight. Sonnie then uses her tail to impale the Blonde through the head, picks up a frightened Dicko and explains its the fear of death that makes her such a great fighter. The episode then fades to black implying Sonnie killed Dicko.

The death of Queen Aemma already sets the forthcoming civil war called Dance of the Dragons and the murder of Jon Arryn led the story to the War of the Five Kings. Both incidents caused tragic events in Westeros and several deaths of the main characters.

Though Hari's death was always central to the season, the role it played changed as Industry was developed. "There were different versions of it," Down said. "There are versions where the whole first season was sort of about who is the blame for this, with internal investigations in the bank and it formed way more of a part [of the show.]

Kay went into more detail about why they did not follow this internal investigation storyline: "We never really break the POV of the four other characters throughout the show. So to have a storyline where you see how the bank responds to his death through its senior structure would just not feel true to the grammar of the show."

"The specter of him returns in a graduate prospectus or a piece of art that the bank funds at the Christmas party. His death hangs over the whole season, but in a way that felt to us very true to life.

Still not completely convinced it was not a coincidence, Light decides to test the notebook a second time. He decides against killing Sudou, a bully at his school, to avoid killing anyone he actually knows. On his way home from cram school, he sees a motorcycle gang abusing a young woman. Hearing that the leader's name is Takuo Shibuimaru, Light walks into a shop and writes Takuo's name in a number of variations, to make sure he spells his name correctly. To further test the notebook, Light writes in the cause of death to be a traffic accident. 40 seconds later, Takuo is struck by a passing truck. Realizing that he has killed two people, Light is violently sick.

Surviving Death, based on the book by journalist Leslie Kean, is now streaming on Netflix. Episodes 1 and 6 in this documentary series explores the science behind what it means to die and the extraordinary truths behind near-death experiences and past life experiences.

The Division of Perceptual Studies was founded in 1967. With a legacy steeped in science, DOPS explores the relationship between brain and mind, survival of consciousness after death, the very nature of consciousness, and ultimately, what it means to be fully human. Learn more about the Division of Perceptual Studies.

The Division of Perceptual Studies was founded in 1967. With a legacy steeped in science, DOPS explores the relationship between brain and mind, survival of consciousness after death, the very nature of consciousness, and ultimately, what it means to be fully human. 041b061a72


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