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Where To Buy A Whole Cow

With your live animal purchase, we arrange the slaughter or harvest of the animal on our Trabuco Ranch, transportation to a local family butcher for processing, and communicate with the butcher on your behalf. Your meat will be hung and dry-aged for 25-28 days to allow natural enzymes to tenderize and enhance the flavor. Our local butcher will then call you and provide you with options for meat cuts (quantity of steaks, hamburger etc.). Your meat will then be custom cut and wrapped to your order. Once your meat is chilled, it is ready for you to pick up in Chino, CA. We can't ship whole/half cow orders as they are live animal purchases and not USDA processed.

where to buy a whole cow


The purchase dates we provide are an estimate and the actual time you will receive your meat may vary by a month or more. We process our animals when they have gained adequate weight and are fat enough. Weight gain and fat gain can be affected by climate and the amount of green grass available. During longer hot seasons, the cattle do not eat as much and gain less. This can extend the amount of time to get your whole/half cow ready. We never supplement with any grains to speed up this process and instead rely only on nature. Should you have any questions about the date you will receive your whole/half cow, we are always available to provide you with updates.

A deposit of $750 for a half cow and $1500 for a whole animal. The balance of the live animal purchase is due once the animal is slaughtered. You'll pay the butcher separately for the aging, cutting, wrapping, and freezing when you pick up your meat. Please note: this is a live animal purchase, non USDA processed, and can't be shipped.

When I picked up my meat, it fit neatly into a 125 (4.1 cubic foot) quart cooler. It fills a 5 cubic foot freezer close to the top. A half cow should fill 8 cubic feet, and a whole cow 16 cubic feet. This can vary based on the weight of the cow.

All beef produced is born on our farm - direct farm to table! We oversee every aspect of the beef's development and production. Our beef is available for purchase in 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef portions.

Beef is available to purchase in quarters, halves or whole portions. Our beef is home raised and fed where they are backgrounded on grass and finished on a corn based diet. Our beef is natural with no added hormones and can be cut to customers specifications.

We sell custom quarter, half and whole beef as well as individual, inspected beef cuts. Our Monthly Meat Provision is a convenient option for regular, monthly meat deliveries right to your door.

We raise Limousin and Angus cross cattle, providing beef as individual cuts, bundles, whole, halves and quarters all are USDA inspected. We sell off the farm, pick up locations across the Des Moines Metro and on ChopLocal.

Fair Prices - Black Angus, Red Angus, and a few Charolais available. We work with Dan's Locker in Earlville, Winthrop Locker, and Edgewood Locker to provide individual cuts, bundles, quarters, halves, and whole packages.

TVR Beef is grain fed and harvested hormone and antibiotic free. We have extensive records and documentation of how animals are cared for which is available upon request. Beef is available for purchase in quarters, half and whole beef portions. Our family has been raising beef for five generations.

Our beef is 100% grass fed beef raised on our century family farm from birth to harvest. Individual cuts and bundles are available for purchase via our website, beef shares (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and whole), and the following grocery stores: Wheatsfield Cooperative in Ames, Simply Nourished in Clear Lake, and Simply Nourished in Mason City.

The cost for a whole cow is approximately $7.50/lb including processing. This cost covers the cost of processing. While this is quite a bit more expensive than some beef purchased at the grocery store, the price per lb of protein is very competitive (with grassfed beef you are getting a higher protein product). Think of it this way: with grass fed, grass finished beef, most of the excess fat is cut out before you get it.

For our North Carolina customers we offer whole cow of meat which is roughly 300-400 pounds of beef. We simply ask that you put a deposit down of $550.00 to reserve and the remainder due at the time of delivery.

Most people usually think about buying half a cow, but did you know there other options. You can often buy a sixteenth, quarter, half, or whole cow from a farmer, so you need to do research and determine what quantity is right for your family.

Do you want to learn more about beef? Join our weekly e-newsletter where we share farm happenings, recipes and beef availability. Sign-up and get a cheat sheet with 9-must-ask questions before buying beef directly from a farmer. Or, we have an entire ebook about beef that goes through purchasing and preparing beef from a cattle farmers perspective.

Hi Terry, A quarter, half and whole will include hamburger, roast, brisket, stew meat, kabob meat, sirloin steak, filets, tri tip, strip steak, Ribeye , ribs, liver and soup bones. We go into more detail on this blog post: -cut-clover-valley-beef/ and the cost is listed in our store

Great question! The beef will keep in the freezer for about 12 months. Yes, ribs come with the purchase of either a quarter, half or whole. You can find all of the pricing and the cuts on our store page: Please let us know if you have more questions. Thanks!

Typically, hanging carcass weight is 550 to 625 lbs for a whole animal. (Hanging weight refers to the weight of the animal once the hide and internal organs are removed. The meat and processing costs are based on this weight. The animal will now undergo further processing to debone and cut up the various cuts of meat.) All of our Red Devon animals have had a cut out yield of approximately 62-65% meat to bone ratio. This means that you are getting more meat per hanging weight and your meat price per pound goes down. By comparison, the feedlot industry standard is typically less than 60%.

The saying "pork, the other white meat" (aka pale pink) is non-existent in our vocabulary. Our pork has unmatched flavor,dark red in color and well marbled- the type of pork high-end restaurants are after. We do this by choosing "old world" heritage breeds, and put them in an environment they were designed to be raised in, either on pasture or in the brush where they can forage on grasses, acorns, whatever their snouts find with plenty of room to move in the sunshine, and supplemented with a corn free soy free NON GMO grain. When you raise pigs the way Tanner and I do, you don't have give them growth promoting drugs like sub-therapeutic antibiotics or beta-agonists which are so commonly used today in America (and illegal in many other countries). Drugs and crammed barns are a necessity to keep the price of grocery store pork low (yes meat is a commodity.. isn't that crazy?), and that is what many people want. However at 1915, we believe with all of our heart in providing a choice to those that value flavor, your health, and animal welfare first. - Catherine

Here at One Cow Farm, we believe that consumers should take an active role in educating themselves about the source of their food. They should take advantage of the right to know where their food comes from, how it was raised, and how it was processed. Our farm guarantees that the beef each customer purchases comes from a single cow; hence our name.

We can deliver your order anywhere in central Kentucky including Lexington, Louisville and the surrounding areas. Shipping large quantities of beef is difficult and expensive so we mostly sell local. You are also welcome to pick up your order at our farm located in Harrodsburg, KY.

How do you like to enjoy your pig -- roasted, grilled, fried? Some popular ways to cure a pig include bacon, ham, pork chops, sausages, and pulled pork all of which you will find in our whole and half pig products.

The average weight for a whole pig is approximately 175 lbs. Of that you will receive country sausage and sweet italian sausage which can be used in stews, soups, and yummy sausage sandwiches loaded with sauteed onions and sauce.

A favorite cut of the pig includes spare ribs which can be smoked and rubbed with your favorite seasonings and then slowly roasted in your oven, smoker, or grill. Country style ribs are part of the whole pig order as well and are a bit different from the traditional ribs in that they are from the shoulder rather than the ribs. You can grill them, braise them, or even cook them in a slow cooker with some barbecue sauce.

You will also receive pork chops and smoked ham steaks which can both be grilled and pan-fried. For a meal for the whole family and friends, you will receive a pork butt, perfect to slow braise and use for pulled pork sandwiches and even one of our Pennsylvania Dutch traditional meals for New Year's Day, pork and sauerkraut.

Very much satisfied with our purchase of a whole cow. The beef has been so tender with great taste. I can't say enough about Tony and Arrowhead Beef. We will definitely be back and are spreading the word. Thank you so much!

Get peace of mind by knowing exactly where your meal comes from. We employ environmentally friendly farming methods that are in keeping with our cattle's natural instincts. Lush grasses from our Florida farm pastures are what our livestock consume 24/7/365.

If you have any more questions about how to buy either a full or half a cow, or any queries relating to pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us on (530) 949-4241, where we would be happy to answer any queries you may have. 041b061a72


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