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Garmin Gps Waypoint Symbols

I found the geocache symbols Garmin included with most Garmin GPSr were unnecessarily large, cluttering the map screen and obstructing other map information from view, so I created my own custom geocache symbols.

Garmin Gps Waypoint Symbols

Now I just have to figure out how to actually get the icons/symbols into the GPS itself. Mapsource has all kinds of neat symbols, but for some reason not all of these icons show up on the gps after I upload my map with this symbols. The waypoints revert to a general blue circle.

These waypoint symbols were made for my Garmin Alpha 100 GPS/dog tracker (I suppose it will work with other Garmin GPS'es with a colour screen) and the PC software Garmin Base Camp.For some incomprehensible reason the symbols will only sync between the GPS and BaseCamp if they are named as follows:In the GPS all symbols must be named: Custom * (i.e. Custom 0, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 11, Custom 55 etc.)In the PC the same symbol must be named: 00* eller 0** (i.e. 000, 001, 002, 011, 055).It took me forever to learn that the naming worked like this. At first I named the files 00* both in the GPS and BaseCamp but then the symbols failed to synchronise and I got boring dots when transfering from the Alpha to BaseMap. But when I understood that the symbols should be named differently on the two units the transfers worked perfectly!Thus the symbols for the GPS unit can be found in the folder named "Icons for Alpha"Connect the GPS to the PC through the USB cable an place the Symbols in the folder:Garmin > CustomSymbolsThat is, only the icons, not the "Icons for Alpha" folder.The symbols for use in the BaseCamp software on the PC, can be found in the "Icons for Base

I have some waypoint layers that contain different types of points and I distinguish these in QGIS by different symbols and colours. I want to export these to a GPX file that I can download to my GPS but The GPX file contains just the lat, long and the 'type'.

The available symbols depend on the GPS units, so you might create a sample GPX file with the unit and test all available symbols. These will not be imported into QGIS, but you can read the file with a text editor.

The Edit Waypoint Command allows you to edit your GPS waypoints to include your notes and extra information. The extra information you include will make your waypoints more meaningful to you in the future, and will allow you to share them with others.

Some of the recent Garmin products offer the possibility to use personally designed icons with waypoints, so called Custom Waypoint Symbols. Products include Garmin's Windows software MapSource and nRoute and some of the recent models of Garmin's GPS receivers. A very welcome option I think, since even the marine line of Garmin products is not offering many symbols dedicated to navigation at sea. On this page, you will find some short notes on how to use this feature. The page includes a couple of symbol sets for marine use, comprising the most frequently used IALA / SIGNI icons. There are also some waypoints sets demonstrating the use of them. To upload the Custom Waypoint Symbols to a GPS unit, use the Windows program xImage.Feel free to use/distribute the symbol sets, as long as it is not for commercial use.

Waypoints that have a symbol name (GPX tag) defined can be shown with an icon corresponding to the name. The icons are searched in the global/user symbols directory and the icon is selected when the image basename (without extension) matches the symbol name.

All of the supported formats with waypoints capability - GPX, KML, TCX, NMEA, CUP, WPT, LOC, GeoJSON and Garmin GPI & CSV - can be loaded either as data files or as POI files. When a file is opened as a POI file, only waypoints reasonable near the tracks/waypoints of the loaded data files are displayed.

Hi Willy - I don't think we would be able to offer the full range of Garmin symbols, but we could look at using Garmin symbols that match our existing symbols rather than always using the default symbol for each waypoint. As mentioned in my reply to your other post, I'll see if we can do this as part of the changes we're making at the moment.

Sync as activity other in garmin Connect but not a lot of informationNot saving location of fish capturedPlease add fishing activity in garmin Connect and save the location of the captureMultiple species would be great also

I am using this on my Quatix 3 watch. It's an okay app...but very complicated on how to exit the application. I was pushing so many buttons to try to get out ! Maybe some documentation would be good.Counting fish is a nice feature. I used this when I was fly fishing at Christmas Island would be useful to create a waypoint whenever you increase the fish counter so you know where you caught the fish ! I am not a tournament all the timers are pointless for me. But where and when I catch a fish is useful.


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