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Total War: Three Kingdoms – v1.5.3 + 7 DLCs - FitGirl Repacks

over the course of her life, the empress has done many things to try to become a better person, but none of them have worked. she decides to move to the country to have a simpler life. but she only ends up in even worse trouble..


the shanghai campaign is the longest and most complex of the campaigns, over 200 turns long. the campaign began in 119 bc and lasted over three years and included two years of civil war that caused the death of more than 300 million people. the only winners in the campaign were the hong xiuquan (unified china) and the taiping rebellion (unified china).

the imperial general sent to suns court is an arrogant yet charming woman named zhu su. she is killed in a battle with sun where her lover, wang xifeng, takes her place. the emperor believes wangs eminence to be a thinly veiled attempt at insubordination (because the emperor feels the same way), and retaliates ruthlessly.

to be the best in the world, you need to spend time with the best. be it social media, table tennis or weight lifting, they are all important to preparing for the biggest test of all the olympics. to compete in the olympics, you need to be tested and tested often to find out what your unique strengths are. if your preparation is not good, you will be lost in the big competitions.

in the tianya campaign which comprises of two campaigns humble supplicants prayer and the battle of three passes are two mismatched armies. with a blind goddess commanding, the loyal general cao cao leads a force made up of mid-level mandarins and warriors. on the other hand, emperors sword general sima yi leads a force made up of martial artists, soldiers, a contraband army and guerrilla warriors.


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