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How To Prepare For The Direkt 2 Neu Testy: Tips And Tricks

Direkt 2 Neu Testy: How to Test Your German Skills Online

If you are learning German with the Direkt Neu textbook series, you might be interested in taking some online tests to check your progress and prepare for exams. The Direkt Neu online tests are a great way to practice your grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading skills in a fun and interactive way. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Direkt 2 Neu testy, including how to access them, what they cover, and how to use them effectively.

How to Prepare for the Direkt 2 Neu Testy: Tips and Tricks


What are the Direkt 2 Neu testy?

The Direkt 2 Neu testy are online tests that accompany the second volume of the Direkt Neu textbook series. They are designed for learners of German who have completed the first volume or have a basic knowledge of the language (A1 level). The tests cover the topics and structures of the nine lessons in the book, as well as some additional exercises for revision and consolidation. The tests are available on the RaabeKlett Online platform, which is a new and modern website that offers interactive materials for various Klett textbooks.

How to access the Direkt 2 Neu testy?

To access the Direkt 2 Neu testy, you need to register on the RaabeKlett Online website. You can find more details about the registration process on the FAQ page of the website. After registering, you need to click on the banner or the category Tankönyvek online tesztjei (Online tests for textbooks) on the homepage, where you can find the Direkt Neu tests. Choose the test you want to take, and enroll in the course. Then click on the Kezdd el a tanfolyamot! (Start the course!) button and you can start filling out the test.

What do the Direkt 2 Neu testy consist of?

The structure of the course follows the textbook material, so you just need to select the appropriate lesson and then click on the picture or the link to start the test. The test consists of various types of exercises, such as multiple choice, gap fill, matching, drag and drop, etc. The exercises test your grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading skills in relation to the lesson topic. The test also gives you immediate feedback on your answers and shows you your score at the end.

How to use the Direkt 2 Neu testy effectively?

The Direkt 2 Neu testy are a great tool for self-study and revision. You can use them to check your understanding of each lesson after completing it in class or at home. You can also use them to review previous lessons before moving on to new ones. You can take each test as many times as you want, and the system will save your best score. However, you only have 45 minutes for each attempt, so you need to finish it within that time and try to answer all questions. We recommend using a desktop computer or a tablet to access the tests, as some exercises might not display properly on a mobile device.

What else can I find on the RaabeKlett Online website?

Besides the Direkt 2 Neu testy, you can also find other useful resources for learning German on the RaabeKlett Online website. For example, you can download translation exercises, MP3 files of all listening texts, tests in DOC format for all lessons (on request), vocabulary lists in Excel format, listening texts for Intensivtrainer (additional workbook), worksheets for all lessons, worksheets for videos and video transcripts, digital support with Kahoot! quizzes and new online exercises. You can also access interactive textbooks with workbooks for other volumes of Direkt Neu on another portal called (on request).


The Direkt 2 Neu testy are a valuable resource for learners of German who want to practice their skills online and prepare for exams. They are easy to access and use, and they offer a variety of exercises that match the textbook content. They are also complemented by other materials that can enhance your learning experience. If you want to learn more about Direkt Neu or other Klett textbooks, visit their website or contact 04f6b60f66


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