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From any artist, album, or song, Smart DJ will generate a related playlist from the music on your computer and new music from Zune Marketplace. Putting the Zune software into mini mode while listening to music allows you to use your other programs while continuing to see what's playing. Launch into Mixview from any artist or album and discover a mosaic of connections to other artists, albums, and fans. Use the Zune software to access Zune Marketplace from your computer. Download or stream new music, rent or buy the latest movies, buy TV shows, and watch free trailers and previews--plus thousands of video and audio podcasts. You can also download free games including classic and other popular titles. download

Did you buy songs from Zune Marketplace before 2012? Unless you take action, certain songsspecifically, downloads encoded using WMA DRMwill stop playing after March 12th, 2017.What's WMA DRM?The Zune music service preceded the services for Xbox Music and Groove, all built by Microsoft. Between the Zune launch in 2006 and April 2011, Zune Marketplace sold songs encoded using WMA digital rights management (DRM). Songs that use DRM play only when a device has a valid license, a hidden file that typically comes with purchase.Since April 2011, Zune and other Microsoft music servicesincluding Microsoft Store and the current Groove servicehave sold music encoded only in the MP3 format, which has no DRM.Will songs play?

After installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, any songs you downloaded as WMA DRM files will no longer play. WMDRM rights management was introduced a long time ago, and its been replaced by PlayReady and other technologies. However, as long as the songs are still part of the Groove catalog, youll be able to stream those songs in the Groove app or at the Groove website ( ), or download them as MP3 for free.

On versions of Windows older than the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (such as Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.), songs encoded with WMA DRM will continue to play as long as your PC has a license and youre using a music app made by Microsoft, such as the Zune software or Windows Media Player. We recommend, however, that you download your past purchases as MP3s for free while its still possible, because Microsoft will no longer supply fresh licenses for WMA DRM files (if, for instance, you reinstall Windows) after March 12th, 2017.

On Windows Phone 7, Window Phone 8, and Zune devices, songs will continue to play until something happens to invalidate their licenses (file corruption, system update, etc.). You can relicense purchases by playing each individual song before March 12th 2017, but instead we recommend downloading the MP3 version on your PC as soon as possible.

What do I need to do?On a computer, download your past purchases as MP3 for free.Note: This works only for songs that are still part of the Groove Music catalog. Some songs have been removed at the request of their copyright holders.In the Groove app on Windows 10:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After I spent time doing this out I found out on Twitter that there's a small but active Zune community on Reddit! Props for them to doing this in several ways as well. The simplest way to update today is to point to's IP address in your hosts file. The way I did it does use the files directly from Microsoft and gives you full control, but it's overly complex for regular folks for as long as the server exists as a mirror. Use the method that works easier for you and that you trust and understand!

Updated Zune Marketplace. The new Zune Marketplace is designed to make it fun to browse. Choose from over 3 million songs and a broad collection of albums, music videos, podcasts, and digital rights management (DRM)-free MP3s to download and sync to a Zune.

Ok, so here is the thing with Zune. It is $14.99 plus tax a month for the service. What? Now before you say NO realize you get 10 song credits (permanent downloads) each month. So if you are comparing Apples to Apples at $.99, and you buy one ten song album a month, then you are only out $5.09. But you are really not out anything! You get so much for the $5.

Microsoft allows you to download most songs for free.You do not need to buy them! It is part of your subscription. I have downloaded almost 1,000 songs over the last few weeks and have not bought a single one! If I really needed to buy one I could but they are already on my Zune and available to play now.

I just heard a new group called Avenue H. Zune did not have the album so I bought it on iTunes. As soon as the download was complete I opened Zune and it had found the iTunes files. Sweet. I can have both and not choose sides. I use the radio streaming on iTunes anyway. Could you add that Zune?

If you are a music lover then Zune is for you. Once you do the math, and account for the one CD a month download, then the remaining cost is well worth it. I have actually saved money already by listening to a few albums I would have probably bought via Apple and then NOT liked them.

While the Zune Pass for $15 a month is an excellent deal, you should point out that it is not necessary to subscribe to that service in order to use the Zune software and player. I have a large collection of music myself and do not feel I need to subscribe to Zune Pass to discover new music. However I find the software is easy to use and vastly superior to iTunes for managing my media collection. Even if you do not have a Zune player, I can recommend downloading the software to use as your media player and manager, replacing Windows Media Player or any other program.

You can still use the Zune PC software to playback already downloaded songs and albums, although no new content is available. If you want new content then you need to visit Xbox Music and Xbox Video accordingly.

The central component of Social was the Zune Card. It was a Flash-based widget that could be embedded on other sites and social networking pages (Myspace, Facebook, etc.). It showcased the user's most recently played songs, their most played artists and number of times that artist had been played, and a user-selected list of favorite songs. Clicking a song, artist, or album would bring up the respective page on the Social website. Select songs had an option to preview a 30-second clip, and users could download the song via Zune Marketplace, suggest the song to a friend, or add it as one of their favorites.

In May 2008, Microsoft added reputation badges to users' Zune Cards, which could be earned by having listened to an album or artist a certain number of times, or by making helpful posts in the Zune forums. In addition, Zune Cards could be synced with user's devices; subscribers to Zune Pass could in this way download all the songs on their friends' cards.

In June 2012, Microsoft announced plans to discontinue all "Zune" products, and instead, Microsoft would distribute its digital media content and services under the Xbox Music and Xbox Video names, available on their line of products, including Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Xbox 360 game console, and Windows Phone smart phones. The domain now redirects to Xbox's website, but the software retained the Zune name. The Windows Phone App succeeded Zune Software as the desktop sync service for Windows Phone 8, as part of Microsoft's discontinuation of the Zune brand. However, Zune Software must still be used for Windows Phone 7 desktop sync, and is still available to download from the Windows Phone website for all Windows Phone 7 devices. In November 2015, Microsoft retired the Zune music download and streaming service. Remaining Zune subscribers were switched over to Microsoft's Groove Music platform,[10] whose subscription services closed on December 31, 2017.[38]

In Autumn 2009, movies and TV shows became available through streaming or download through Zune Video Marketplace on Xbox 360.[39] On November 4, 2010, the music portion of the Zune Marketplace was brought to Xbox. This coincided with the launch of the Kinect and Kinect owners can navigate the application menus using hand gestures, without a controller. Users must have a Zune Pass subscription to play music in the application, and only Zune Pass content is available. Locally saved music must still be played through the Xbox's native media library.

The graphical user interface (GUI) (called the "twist interface" by Microsoft) has sections for music, videos, pictures, social, radio, podcasts, marketplace, games and settings. It is said to provide "two-dimensional navigation" for scrolling through items with its directional pad.[69] In the music section, users can add songs to a quick playlist without reconnecting to the desktop software. In the picture section, the background can be customized using any image stored on the device (for viewing) as wallpaper. In the radio section, users can receive and play FM radio internally, with North American, Japanese, and European tuning ranges, and display Radio Data System information (usually artist and song) when available. When artist/song information are available, the device can search for the song in the Zune Marketplace for download or purchase. In the social section, users can broadcast the user's profile and recent activity to others nearby. 350c69d7ab


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