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Char Crust Where To Buy

Since 1957, Char Crust has given grillmasters, chefs, passionate home cooks, and kitchen rookies alike peace of mind knowing that every meal will turn out bursting with award-winning flavor. Simply coat your meat, seafood, vegetable, or plant-based protein with Char Crust, cook, and watch our one-of-a-kind sizzling crust seal in the juices and create mouthwatering flavor in minutes. Get started with this best-sellers Starter Set containing a 4 oz Original Hickory Grilled and Roasted Garlic Peppercorn!

char crust where to buy

And that where it is, between the meat and pan, a thin layer of crusty goodness that keeps all those flavors and juices inside. We currently carry Original Hickory, Ginger Teriyaki, and All American Barbeque, a trifecta of righteous flavor bundled into small boxes. Each has its own characteristics that will compliment, pair well with your meat, seal in the juices, and go with just about anything thrown at them.

Drizzle chicken with EVOO and generously rub all sides with seasoning, coating well so that an even crust will form and seal in natural juices. For an even coating of oil on the chicken, you can brush on with a pastry brush or even spray the chicken on all sides with cooking spray.

Dredge fish with dry-rub seasoning. Pat or rub to coat evenly all over. For best results, drizzle or spray a little oil or nonstick cooking spray on the surface of the seasoned salmon. This provides a protective buffer on the surface of the spices and creates a sizzling crust. 041b061a72


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