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Hotels Combined

HotelsCombined recognise Karma Chalets amongst the best hotels in Australia Denmark, Australia, 12 July 2018- HotelsCombined, the Australian-based hotel meta-search company, has started an extensive survey covering different types of accommodations within Australia. This survey is based on gathering data from millions of guest reviews, and translating them to an official Recognition of Excellence.

hotels combined

Shimla, Manali, Bangalore, Thailand, Paris or United States, Hotelscombined solves all your holiday accommodation problems in ONE click by bringing you an all-encompassing hotel booking site where users can access the best rates from a variety of top travel sites all in the same place. With technology that cuts through all the best travel websites in the world in terms of availability and prices to curate only the best for HotelsCombined., Expedia,, Agoda, AccorHotels, Hilton and many other such prestigious travel and accommodation brands in India are websites that are searched through for the information you want & need to know in one quick and easy search.

Planning a trip? Hyderabad, Dubai or Manali. Calangute, Mahabaleshwar or Singapore. At the end of the day, one of the most factors of how your trip goes is how comfortable, hygienic and luxurious your stay is. To find the right hotel for you, browse through homestays, service apartments, budget stays, luxurious 5-star hotels, youth hostels, villas and more - at the best possible price. With hotelscombined, Shimla India, Goa or Bangalore, with access to 5,000,000 hotel deals and a promise to refund you the difference if you find a better deal or cheaper priced hotel of your choice on the internet, Hotelscombined never needs to promise more than it can deliver. HotelsCombined allows users to search and compare hotel rates in one search. It also provides an aggregated summary of hotel reviews and ratings from external sites to ensure you have everything you need to know about the stay.

True, Hotelscombined already brings you the best deals on hotels. But combined with Grabon's curated hotel offers and deals, you can save more than ever! Discover bank offers that offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes for payments made through credit cards/ debit cards of specific banks such Axis, HDFC, SBI, or mobile wallets such as Paytm offers, Mobikwik, or Tez. So the next time you're planning a trip with Hotelscombined, Bangalore India can be far cheaper with GrabOn. Don't forget to browse the best of our Hotelscombined coupons and other hotel promo codes to find the best prices online for hotel booking.

HotelsCombined is hotel metasearch engine, which allows you to explore the best hotels offers and travel deals from, Expedia,, Agoda, AccorHotels, Hilton etc to ensure you can explore all the right hotels for you at the best price, on one single platform. With Hotelscombined, you won't have to open 15 tabs with tens of pages each and go through every single one of them to be absolutely certain you're getting the right stay at the right price. Travel to local destinations like Lonavala, Kodaikanal or Calangute OR international destinations like Singapore, Bali or Thailand, Hotelscombined caters to travelers looking for all price ranges, types of destinations, or types of trips. Plan your honeymoon, bachelors, solo trip, family vacation or business travel with Hotelscombined and be rest assured that you will find the best prices. And to save more, do explore GrabOns coupon codes too.

This directory primarily saves the travelers from going to top different travel websites for comparing and booking hotel rooms, by presenting all the results at one place here at Hotelscombined. This directory gives hotel rooms at the best prices along with choices of the same across all the partnered websites. The Hotelscombined promises to provide safe and happy stay so that the user rests reassured. Plus it shows the viewer list of trending hotels. Also, the directory helps the hotels find a bigger platform of recognition by getting involved in results returned in user searches. This helps them in expanding the business.

eLong is the first Chinese online travel agency that HotelsCombined searches for hotel pricing. Until, when retrieving results for hotels in China, Hotelscombined searched sites such as Travelocity, HotelClub,, and

Am disappointed in Hotelscombined, i have paid to promote this site in my website after about 100 dollars, account cancel and can login into the account. Well, if this is a scam, i will stop any affiliate program in my website and try another way, but affiliate program is a waste of time as ever, they always use people to promote there product because they are poor and unable to promote there product themselves paying the cost so they make you understand that you can make a miserable coin they offers to most people, that have some time to wast. All the affiliate programs are all [censored].

Same happend now to me, I cant log to my account and they close it"we are writing to let you know that there is an issue with the traffic referring from your account xxxxSpecifically, we noticed that the traffic and leads generated through your account do not seem to follow normal trends..."Better to stay away from hotels combinedMy website was :

I have reviewed all, and yes this happened to me also. My earnings were set to a high threshold because I had a collection of websites that I marketed heavily just for this main reason which was to make money but not using blackhat or non organic traffic. I even had business cards developed and visited many travel, boating, sporting shows to funnel traffic through my website to HC. At one month my sites and hotels combined had a whopping 65, 000 visitors and my commissions were $3000 for the first month and I know that will increase. But of course before the payment date, I was shut down.Now I have a message for HC. Some of us here put a lot of effort and money into sending traffic your way and after working so hard and without consideration of us losing money to help you, you do not care about what we are doing and yes you shut us down when cookies remain active for returning visitors. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU HC: Without the help you are getting from us affiliates and with you driving traffic yourself to your own site, do you measure your own conversion rate for all of the links you have to your default site? Are you not doing what we do also? So why the unethical approach? I would suggest that from every 250, 000 visitors to HC either through our links or your own, you ma make 1 or 2 sales. But is it our fault or the product?I have a message for your PR team HC. do you not think that all of this bad publicity that you have been given is the reason for your sad sales? yes you offer same product as everyone, but if you hunt around you will find that reviews of others are far better than yours. I got this exert from your FAQ which states:2.2Will I get paid for visitors or bookings?You get paid per leads, not visitors or bookings. A lead is a click off to one of the hotel booking supplier websites that we compare. Your commission per lead depends on a number of important factors, but primarily the quality of your traffic and the conversions of your users to bookings.My rebuttal to this is without positing your expectations of a conversions, how are we to know? How are we to tailor our program so it suits you. I suggest that will never happen and am sure that regardless of what your legal bindings say, you will lose in the end. There are a lot of smart lawyers out there and your own FAQ clearly states: "You get paid per leads, not visitors or bookings". The other part states: "Your commission per lead depends on a number of important factors, but primarily the quality of your traffic and the conversions of your users to bookings.". For me and most it is not a question of the quality of the traffic. Is quality now not of an organic nature anymore but HC has now coined quality as $$$. Anyway I decided to give it another go and have developed a system that is unquestionable the best for getting and retaining HC traffic. It is posted on my website and you can get it for free. Yes I out it there instead of another site, because it is relevant and the system can be viewed working. Thanks all I will report more as I find, but sure I will be shut down regardless of their so called conversions.

Hello everyone!To this day I reall thoud that all reviews about are owerreacting.I spend a lot of money and my time for advertising my website!Finaly a get some resolts from advertising, and I was really happy!But know when I reached 290$ I recieved their mail that my account is permanetly terminated, becouse they find qualtiy issiuses with my traffic, and none of my leads generated booking. So how have my traffic quality issiues, I get paid for adsense ads, so traffic is quality!No booking made? well I have website online for only 3 months, (I think their coockie lasts 365 day), how can they see in the future if someone will book in that time!And for last, they dont even reply to many of my mails!So is deffinetly a big scam for affiliates!Avoid them in a big circle!If I spend so much money to advertise them, believe me I will spend twice as much to give them even much worst reputatation!

Hotelcombined copycats successful television campaigns such as bookingcom and tripadvisor of the usa instead of creating their own ads. they mimic other high-end logos too, such as the famous disney's movie, monster's inc. worst of all, hotelscombined literally scams all hotelscombined affiliates by unsuspectingly closing their accounts, blocking emails, and then refuse to pay any of their affiliates. they do this to achieve free website traffic to themselves, so they are scam artists in disguise! this australian company wants to gain first name recognition among professionals in the american travel tech sector, but americans now say keep away, you are 100% fraud! 041b061a72


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