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Digitech Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm Manual

Description:- Wireless motion sensor with single remote control- Remote control distance = 15m- Induction distance = 5m- Motion sensor alarm is armed / disarmed by the remote control supplied- IP44 weather proof design- Energy saving design- Infrared technology

Digitech Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm Manual

YoLink and eMACROS make driveways alarms with mobile apps. We recommend YoLink but not eMACROS. While there aren't many smart driveway alarms, we anticipate more growth in the future." } }, "@type": "Question", "name": "How does a wireless driveway sensor work? ", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Driveway alarm systems have two main parts: a sensor and a receiver. When the sensor detects movement, it signals the receiver to sound an alarm or chime, so you'll know when someone's coming down your driveway before they're in your yard. This can help folks who live in homes with long driveways.Sensors may use different methods to detect vehicles\u2014and sometimes people\u2014but they're not much more than an automatic doorbell for cars. You can use driveway sensors as standalone units or occasionally as part of a larger security system." ] }] (function(w,d,s,l,i)w[l]=w[l])(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-TPSHL8C'); skip to main content Home Security Security Buyers Guides

The Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm is one of the most advanced driveway alarms you can buy. We love that you can adjust practically every feature on your sensor and receiver to suit your needs or improve performance. Guardline earns high customer ratings and offers the best user manual in the category.

Guardline uses motion detectors with passive infrared technology (PIR) to spot vehicles coming up your driveway. The sensors can detect motion up to 40 feet away, which should cover most driveways and even shorter stretches along your property line. Still, you might want to consider Dakota Alert for better options to monitor your land's perimeters.

If you don't want the system sending alerts during the day, you can turn on Night Mode to stay on top of nighttime visitors. Plus, you can remove a small cover over the motion sensor to increase the field of view for earlier alerts.

The wireless range allows for a quarter mile between the sensor and the receiver, although heavy foliage and thick walls will reduce this distance. This is shorter than the full- and half-mile ranges from Dakota Alert and eMACROS, respectively, but perfect for most people.

You can add up to 200 sensors to YoLink. Because YoLink is more of a general smart home system, it has a massive capacity for sensors compared to purpose-built driveway alarms. It supports most sensors you might find in a security system, like leak detectors, contact sensors, and motion sensors.

If you want a hidden driveway motion sensor, keep looking. This one looks pretty obvious. But we like the 36 customizable chimes and the option to have visual alerts, audio alerts, or a combination of the two. The speaker can reach 80 dB, making this a good choice for people with limited hearing.

Dakota Alert is a technical powerhouse when it comes to driveway alarms. It boasts the longest wireless range on our list and is the only major brand we found that offers all four types of driveway alarms. It costs a premium and lacks some of the more sophisticated features from Guardline and YoLink, but there's no better option if you live on a massive property.

Dakota Alert's one-mile receiver range is four times further than Guardline and twice that of eMACROS. And while we came across plenty of brands with half- and quarter-mile ranges, Dakota Alert bests them all. As with other wireless driveway alarms, standard line-of-sight rules apply, so you might never see reliable alerts at one mile, but it's still quite a feat.

You can connect up to 16 sensors on one receiver, which is typical for most driveway alarms. But there are fewer alarm tones, just 12, so there's less customization than on other brands.

eMACROS is one of the most popular brands on Amazon and the only solar-powered model among our top picks. Aside from the occasional manual battery recharge, there's no battery maintenance. Its receiver offers excellent range and supports up to 16 sensors you can watch over multiple parts of your yard and driveway. It's also one of the pricier options we came across.

We're big fans of eMACROS' half-mile wireless range, which is second only to Dakota Alert. But while the range is great, the driveway sensor's detection range tops out at 30 feet. This is lower than Guardline, YoLink, and Dakota Alert.

You can bury an electromagnetic driveway sensor next to your driveway to watch for changes in the magnetic field around it. Only a large metal object, like a car, can trigger an alarm. People, animals, sunlight, and temperatures can't affect the sensor, making it less prone to false alarms than other driveway sensors.

The Seco-Larm Enforcer (about $50) was the first photoelectric beam sensor we ran across in our research. While we like the general design, it doesn't come with an alarm to tell you when someone's coming up the drive. Instead, you need to connect it to an external siren or buzzer. Like Milton's Bells, it requires a wired power source, making installation more complicated than it's worth for a typical homeowner.

Even though Guardline isn't the most affordable driveway alarm system, it includes many thoughtful features like unique alarm tones, an excellent wireless range, and support for up to 16 sensors.

When paired with other outdoor security equipment like security lights, outdoor cameras, and other affordable motion sensors, driveway sensors can keep you aware of what's happening at your home, whether you're there or not.

Driveway alarm systems have two main parts: a sensor and a receiver. When the sensor detects movement, it signals the receiver to sound an alarm or chime, so you'll know when someone's coming down your driveway before they're in your yard. This can help folks who live in homes with long driveways.

It depends on your driveway. If your home borders a busy road, moving the sensor closer to your home is best to avoid a false alarm from traffic. Sensors for longer driveways may be best halfway between your home and the beginning of your driveway.

If you live in a rural area, you may have a driveway that looks more like a road than a private path. Putting a driveway sensor right at the front would result in too many alarms; after all, people often get lost and use driveways to turn around.

EN1260 EchoStream Passive Infrared Motion Detector Installation and Operation Manual - 05379D 1 Overview The EN1260 is a low-current motion detector highly sensitive to moving heat (infrared. The EN1260 transmitter signals an alarm condition when motion is detected by the sensor. Buy the Digitech Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm + 1 Remote online from Takealot. Many ways to pay. Hassle-Free Exchanges & Returns for 30 Days. 6 Month Limited Warranty.

Note: There is no programming required between the Signal Repeater and your alarm system's main panel. Instead, individual sensors can be programmed to the signal repeater. Once added to the signal repeater, the sensor(s) can then be placed farther away from the main panel.The range of the signal repeater is 200-400 feet.Also note that wireless sirens cannot be programmed to the signal repeater.

PIR (passive infrared) motion detector adopts wide angle Fresnel lens can accurately detect the infrared energy change of environment, therefore detect the intrusion of interior rooms. The detector has advantages of low power consumption, wide detecting range and precise detection. Comparing to similar products in market, this one is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries that enable it work up to 24 months, users also can easy to replace the battery. Moreover, it adopts temperature compensation design to enhance the detecting accuracy, by combing with digital signal analysis, it can greatly filter false alarms and only set off alarm when burglary/break-ins occur.

If your DSC home alarm is beeping for either of these conditions, thereis a problem with some form of wireless security equipment. This caninclude wireless door and window transmitters, remote keypads, andwireless keyfobs.Tamper means the plastic coveris loose, missing, or somehow not attached correctly. Check the affectedzone; you may be able to easily re-attach a loose cover.A Low Zone Battery is generated when a remote transmitterbattery is low or failing. If you do your own battery changes, replacethe batteries in the affected transmitters. Otherwise, contact youralarm company for service.

2 X RADIO FREQ BATERY OPERATED SENSOR AND REMOTE WIRELESS ALARMS Product information Product label Motion sensor wireless DIGITECH with remote x2 SKU 81418870 Ean code 6009698970279 Gross weight (kg) 0.4 Product width in cm 26.6 Product depth in cm 4 Product height in cm 252 X WIRELESS MOTION SENSOR ALARM

With installed motion detectors at home, you expect an instant response to intruders. If a thief steps over the threshold or breaks in through the window, an alarm will be triggered. And you can rest assured that any high-quality alarm device can handle this task. But responding to motion is only half the battle: an important quality of a detector is the ability to determine what exactly is moving. It must quickly and accurately detect a person, while also ignoring the natural interference and pets, so that you and the security company are sure: if the security system has activated the alarm, the threat is real and you need to respond immediately. 350c69d7ab


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