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How to Download and Use Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Trainer 1.13g

How to Download and Use Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Trainer 1.13g

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a tactical role-playing game that lets you control a team of mercenaries on a mission to liberate a fictional island from a dictator. The game features a real-time combat system with pause, character customization, and a variety of weapons and items to use.


If you want to enhance your gaming experience with some cheats, you can download and use a trainer for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. A trainer is a program that runs in the background and modifies the game's memory to enable certain features, such as unlimited health, ammo, money, etc.

One of the trainers available for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is the one created by Cheat Happens[^2^]. This trainer works with the Steam version of the game and has 10 options:

  • Rambo! Mode: This option makes your characters invincible and able to kill enemies with one shot.

  • Character Editor: This option lets you edit your characters' attributes, such as health, experience, skills, etc.

  • Super Health: This option gives your characters maximum health.

  • Super Speed: This option makes your characters move faster.

  • Remove Damage: This option removes any damage from your characters.

  • Stop Bleeding: This option stops any bleeding from your characters.

  • Add Money: This option adds $100,000 to your money.

  • Resurrection: This option revives any dead characters.

  • Unlimited Ammo: This option gives your characters unlimited ammo for their weapons.

  • Unlimited Special Ability: This option gives your characters unlimited use of their special abilities.

To download and use this trainer, follow these steps:

  • Go to this link and click on the "Download Trainer" button for the 1.13g version of the game.

  • Extract the trainer file from the zip archive and run it as administrator.

  • Launch the game from Steam and load your save file or start a new game.

  • Press F1 at the main menu to activate the trainer. You should hear a voice saying "Trainer activated".

  • Use the hotkeys listed on the trainer window to toggle the options on or off. You can also customize the hotkeys by clicking on the settings icon on the trainer window.

  • Enjoy the game with cheats!

Note: Some antivirus programs may detect the trainer as malware or unwanted software. This is a false positive and you can safely ignore it or add an exception for the trainer file. However, use this trainer at your own risk and only for single-player mode. Cheating in multiplayer mode may result in bans or other consequences.

Before you download and use the trainer, you may want to know more about the game itself. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a remake of Jagged Alliance 2, a classic tactical role-playing game from 1999. The game features a fully 3D engine, a new combat system called Plan & Go, and a revamped interface and graphics.

The game received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Some praised the game for its challenging and strategic gameplay, its variety of weapons and items, and its faithful recreation of the original story and characters. Others criticized the game for its technical issues, its tedious micromanagement, its lack of turn-based combat, and its poor voice acting and humor.

If you are a fan of the original Jagged Alliance 2, you may find Back in Action to be a disappointing remake that fails to capture the magic of its predecessor. If you are new to the series, you may find Back in Action to be a fun and deep strategy game that can be enjoyed by fans of the genre. Either way, you can decide for yourself by downloading and playing the game from Steam. 29c81ba772


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