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Criminal Minds Season 15 - Episode 1 PATCHED

Criminal Minds was renewed for a fifteenth and final season with an episode order of 10 episodes on January 10, 2019.[1] It was revealed that the final season had been held for mid-season and would premiere on January 8, 2020, in its original time slot with a two-hour season premiere and the season would wrap up with a two-hour series finale.[2][3]

Criminal Minds Season 15 - Episode 1


Everybody had a different perspective, but I'd say the common denominator was that everyone's so protective. Certainly, I'm protective of the show, and of the characters and the stories, but they come at it from a really protective place of the characters that they've been bringing to life all these years. We would talk about, "We're considering going this way with the character, what do you think of that?" and letting the actors have a little bit more say than maybe they would in a normal 22-episode season. But it came from a place of a wish list, but also, more of a protective stance, I think.

In its 14-year history, prime-time drama "Criminal Minds" has created over 250 episodes about serial murderers, kidnappings, and other crimes worthy of FBI investigations. Although many of the show's storylines are fictional, some of the bad guys seem to mirror real-life criminals like Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez.

In season one, episode eight, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) hunts down Vincent Perotta. The fictional Perotta was a gangster and hitman that came from an abusive background and used gruesome methods of killing his victims, including one unlucky victim that was eaten alive by rats.

The season two, episode eight "Criminal Minds" episode "Empty Planet" is about a serial bomber who hates technology. In the episode, the fictional killer uses a pipe bomb to blow up a bus in Seattle, Washington. The FBI agents later determine the unnamed man targets specific people in the academic world.

"Empty Planet" wasn't the only episode that seemed to allude to the Unabomber. In "A Thousand Suns" (season 10, episode three) the team hunts down a mathematical genius that lives in the middle of nowhere and turns towards radical terrorism to protest society.

The case on season 11, episode 14 of "Criminal Minds" seems to have a lot of similarities to that of Ariel Castro's, also known as The Monster of Cleveland. In this episode, a young woman escapes from a home in which she's been held captive for years. Along with two other women, she was abused and raped by the fictional abductor, Michael Clark Thompson.

In this episode, the criminal expertly recreates the Zodiac Killer's crimes and attempts to convince the team that he is the real Zodiac Killer. He follows the Zodiac Killer's trademarks such as sending strange public letters filled with threats, making abhorrent demands, and consistently teasing his identity. In the episode, the man is ultimately proven to be nothing more than a murderous fraud.

"Believer" -- When Reid discovers former FBI Special Agent Owen Quinn (James Urbaniak) locked inside a storage unit, the BAU questions the credibility of Quinn's bizarre accounts of searching for an UnSub that he named "The Strangler," on the second episode of the double-episode 13th season finale cliffhanger of CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, April 18 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Joe Mantegna (David Rossi), Daniel Henney (Matt Simmons), Adam Rodriguez (Luke Alvez) Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ÃÂ2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

It was the biggest twist of the season. In the finale of Criminal Minds season 14, an emotional episode that saw both a wedding and a hostage situation, JJ Jareau (played by A.J. Cook) told her longtime coworker, Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Grey Gubler) that she had loved him all along. I repeat: JJ loved Reid all along. (opens in new tab) As in, for fourteen whole seasons, JJ has been making eyes at Reid and we did not even notice.

The show passed up the opportunity to celebrate JJ's talents during her maternity leave (a result of Cook's actual pregnancy) in season four, opting for a weak arc featuring Meta Golding as her temporary replacement and doing it after this highly criticized exit only inflamed an already angry fanbase. Prentiss' exit arc offers a fascinating look into her past that involved a classified case, international criminal Ian Doyle (Timothy V. Murphy), and ended with the agent faking her own death after fighting for her life when Doyle kidnapped her.

Even though it is the best part of the uneven season, the shuffling and extended arc meant Agent Seaver didn't have much room on the show. The newly-minted BAU team member starts the season as the daughter of a serial killer who was at the FBI academy that helped the team on a case. Even as a recurring player, she could've brought such an interesting perspective but that experience is only utilized in one episode before she joined the BAU. Instead, she becomes not-JJ and the Criminal Minds team churns out an installment known more for casting changes than anything else.

Still, there are a handful of standout moments and episodes during this uneven season. For instance, season 10 features the backdoor pilot of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders that welcomes a new team working internationally and includes SSA Matthew Simmons (Daniel Henney), who later joined the flagship series, the introduction of recurring villain Mr. Scratch in the season's best episode, and a touching callback to Hotch's late wife when the veteran agent helps his father-in-law deal with her death.

What turned out to be Criminal Minds' penultimate season feels like it was preparing for the end by tapping into the show's history. Season 14 starts big with episode 300 where Garcia and Agent Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) have been kidnapped by a cult led by a serial killer. It turns out the case connected to one from season four where the BAU comes across Benjamin Cyrus' (Luke Perry) cult.

In another standout episode that taps into Criminal Minds' past, a child that Prentiss saved in season three but doesn't stay in touch with gets manipulated into committing a series of murders in a very personal episode centering the veteran team member. We also finally get some answers about JJ's sister who died as a child when the team gets sent to her hometown.

Season 13 ends with a big episode featuring a complicated case about a disgraced FBI agent, one potential serial killer, and a surprising twist about a cult leader. Unfortunately, this huge case comes out of nowhere and is incredibly complicated, which makes the finale feel overstuffed. While there are some good to great narratives pieces, the season overall is certainly not one of Criminal Minds' strongest.

The ninth season of Criminal Minds marks a big year for SSA Jureau. Quickly after Matteo Cruz (Esai Morales) takes over as BAU Section Chief after Erin Strauss was killed, we discover that he has a past with JJ that they both actively keep secret. It turns out their classified past together concerns the mission JJ was part of when she left the team (during Cook's season six absence when her contract was not renewed) and the focal point of the 200th episode of the show.

The problem with season nine, however, is that outside of JJ's mystery arc (and another great episode about Garcia's past as a hacker titled "The Black Queen"), there isn't much else to it. Erin Strauss a big part of the show but her successor Cruz doesn't do much of anything as Section Chief that doesn't involve JJ. In addition, the season's cases are far from Criminal Minds' most compelling.

The final season of Criminal Minds (before the announcement of its revival) is a shortened yet intentional one that celebrates the long-running series. There is a powerful episode that centers around a past case where newer BAU team members Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) and Matt Simmons worked together before joining the unit and another titled "Saturday" featuring a day off for the team where Garcia tries to help a woman being stalked.

As mentioned, season 11 also wraps up Moore's time on the show as SSA Morgan. Chazz Montolo (Lance Henriksen), the father of the hitman who kicks off The Dirty Dozen arc, blames Morgan for his son's death, so he pursues him in several ways. First, he has a team of mercenaries kidnap and torture Derek in an episode that features Donald Glover as Derek's father in hallucinations in his altered state. Montolo then has a pregnant Savannah (Morgan's fiancé played by Rochelle Aytes) shot and after Morgan takes him down he opts for a life away from the FBI with his new family.

This is, of course, the season that started it all. Criminal Minds began exploring the psyche of serial killers through the brilliant minds of the eccentric BAU team led by Jason Gideon and Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner. And between Garcia's bright energy, Reid's brilliance, and Morgan's charisma, the initial team is packed full of characters that would captivate viewers.

There is also a very dynamic style in which the profiles are broken down by the team. Amber Heard's guest star stint as a TV starlet in danger, one based on the Beltway sniper attacks, and the hour that saw team member Elle Greenaway's (Lola Glaudini) train being taken hostage, are among the first season's standout episodes while the finale ends with a huge cliffhanger concerning Elle fighting for her life.

The cap to this strong season is its thrilling final chapter in a two-part episode where a former soldier puts his life on the line to find his missing sister and a shocking cliffhanger where The Reaper returns to shoot Hotchner.

As the team is struggling with Gideon's departure, there are plenty of solid personal arcs throughout the season, including Hotchner getting a divorce and Garcia being attacked an angel of death who enters her life as a potential love interest in a thrilling two-part episode. Along with the character development, there are several other highlights including the BAU facing a killer who uses people's fears against them and a standout hour featuring Jamie Kennedy as a cannibalistic serial killer in one of the show's most stomach-turning episodes. 041b061a72


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