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Buy Pokemon Ultra Moon

Since I have every other Pokemon game, I already pre-ordered the dual pack, but I'm not convinced that Nintendo has done a great job at promoting this game, or even convincing Pokemon fans that they should pick this up... lowest sales for a pokemon game this gen? highly likely.

buy pokemon ultra moon


I'm still not decided on buying this, honestly not many new pokemon from the looks of it, and a majority of it being a retread. For a change I might be waiting until after release to find out if the game is worth getting or not. That is unless there is another trailer with some better information and maybe an official count of how many new pokemon are coming or new evolutions or something.

Every Pokémon game has had that one ultra-rare legendary critter, whose power dwarfs that of even the cover titans of each generation. For the Sun and Moon generation, Necrozma was that Pokémon. A Psychic-type composed of dark crystals, Necrozma has two new version exclusive forms for players to grab:

POKÉMON ULTRA SUN and POKÉMON ULTRA MOON aren't brand-new Pokémon games, but altered versions of 2016's Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Players still begin by taking on the role of a kid newly arrived on the islands of the Alola region (inspired in look and feel by Hawaii), and quickly set about fighting and collecting colorful monsters. The core experience of completing trials on each island remains the same, but the story has been tweaked so that familiar characters now appear in new places and get up to different things, and a mysterious group called the Ultra Recon Squad nudges the player in new directions -- including the newly added Ultra Megalopolis area -- creating a somewhat different version of the original tale. The types of Pokémon you can collect have been expanded, too. There are new ultra beasts and more legendary Pokémon -- with new legendary Z-Moves -- pushing the tally of catchable creatures past 400 (though, as usual, some are only available in one edition or the other). New activities have been added as well, including an entirely new trial, an enhanced photography hobby called Alola Photo Club that allows players to deepen their bond with their Pokémon by posing and snapping pictures of them, and a full-fledged sport dubbed Mantine Surfing, which challenges players to not just ride Mantine but do so with style. 041b061a72


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