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El Coyote: Part 2 REPACK Full Movie Torrent

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El Coyote: Part 2 Full Movie Torrent

The most clever scene in Coyote Ugly is when Maria Bello explains why the bar is named what it is. She says it's when a woman wakes up in bed with a man after a one night stand and he's so ugly, but you have your arm around him because last night he seemed hot. Desperate, but not wanting to be rude, instead of pulling your arm out from under him you try to chew it off like a trapped coyote. That my friends, is Coyote Ugly.It was much to my surprise that Kevin Smith actually did a rewrite of the film's script at one point. I would imagine if Smith's version was made into the final film that it would be less about the girl's bodies and more about their problems. Instead of so many overhead shots of women dancing on one another, soaked in water, comparing wet t-shirts, I'm sure there would've been more sincere dialog between Violet and her friends. Maybe we would've gotten to know them better. It's all one big "maybe." The film centers around Violet (Perabo), an aspiring songwriter trying to make it in the complicated and relentless world of music. She tries to get her demo tape heard, but is always met with reps that blow her off. Violet leaves home and goes to New York to try her look, but realizing she needs to make end's meet, she goes to work at a bar called "Coyote Ugly" where she will entertain customers by seductively dancing on the bar countertop while pouring drinks and showering her and her fellow employees with water. That's the extent of it.In the meantime, Violet dates a shady guy who she had mistaken for a record exec (Garcia). Let me ask Violet, do you think it's a good idea to date a guy who just tried to pass himself off as a guy who could get you a record deal and doesn't discuss any of his past? Does he seem like the dream guy mothers would want their daughters to date, and could have a good ol' day out with the father? I neglected to mention that the club is run by Lil (Bello). Lil, full name Liliana Lovell, actually runs the real-life Coyote Ugly in New York. Maria Bello was excellent in The Cooler, and does more sure-fire work in this picture. She is still as hilarious as ever, and plays a very strict, yet laidback bartender.Coyote Ugly, even in possession of a decent storyline, is ruined by its own immaturity. There are too many overhead shots of women on the bar countertop that go nowhere and aren't arousing or entertaining at all. I appreciate John Goodman's role as Violet's protective and caring dad, but the scenes with him are far to spread out and far too short to fully enjoy. I imagine if Kevin Smith was responsible for writing the entire screenplay maybe the movie would've been more about the daddy/daughter relationship rather than the women.The story isn't gripping, but it works for a while. Until the bar comes into play. Then it's down to twelve year olds controlling the camera. Piper Perabo is gorgeous, and is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood today in terms of looks and acting skills. She still hasn't had that "breakout" role that has taken her career to new heights. Surprisingly, as juvenile as this picture can be, this really didn't jump-start any future projects for her. Nor anyone else in this film.Starring: Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, Maria Bello, and John Goodman. Directed by: David McNally.

After 20 years, I'd have to doesn't hold up that well. BUT, that's not to say, it brings a tug of nostalgia for that era of Jerry Bruckheimer slick music video retreads of "Flashdance"A lot of it is due to Diane Warren's corny soundtrack music. And those of us who were in college by now, have a slight shiver when we hear her anthems. Which nearly toppled another Jerry Bruckheimer gem "Con Air" with "How Do I Live Without You" Oof.The present day woman would consider that dis-empowering to be so attached to a man (or perhaps this could be used towards other women). Speaking of which, the topic at hand is "Coyote Ugly." Presumably, an article led to this story (written by Gina Wendkos). I recall a friend had moved to New York City and discovered a bar called Hogs and Heifers, which shared very similar rambunctious behavior (nailing bras to the wall). And dancing on bars and so forth. In Jerry Bruckheimer's PG-13. So none of the topless stuff is displayed (unless you get the unrated DVD/Blu-Ray which shows Piper Perabo's funbags).Though this movie is about making it in the big city, it is somewhat laughable at the truncated timeline. Within a few weeks Violet Sanford (Perabo) becomes the hottest songwriter in the country with a number 1 hit that is sung by Leanne Rhimes. And though these girls are suppose to be world and tough, the painfully model casting of...Tyra Banks, Bridget Moynahan, Izabella Miko and Maria Bello set this in a truly fantastical mystical world I'd reserve Hollywood. If that was the intention than kudos to director David McNally. To me, it seems less genuine. Jennifer Beals would seem like a dog up agains these girls.Any way, great to see John Goodman pop up as Violet's New Jersey dad (though still seems like he can't shake that Dan Conner-ness) and Bud Cort's very small cameo.Clearly this movie was made to rake in the jiggle factor. So, cheers to them for recognizing what it exists for. Also special note to cinematographer Amir Mokri. Great lighting. I feel this may get a re-release in the future. That will stand up well.

In many ways, actually, 'Coyote Ugly' from personal opinion didn't even come close to good.Feel-good films when done right are very entertaining and heart-warming. However 'Coyote Ugly', while with its moments, has too many faults that are at worst ineptly done to succeed as a feel-good film.Starting with 'Coyote Ugly's' good things, the best asset by far is the soundtrack, which is quite brilliant and deserved a far better film. The LeAnn Rimes numbers "The Right Kind of Wrong", "Please Remember" and "Can't Fight the Moonlight" particularly stand out of the songs, as does the classic Elvis Presley standard "Can't Help Falling in Love", one of the most beautiful all-time great romantic songs. The score is very nice too.While the acting wasn't great at all, there is one good performance and it is that of John Goodman, who is an entertaining and amiably likable father figure. Some of the camera work is quite smart too.On the other hand, while the music itself is of really high-quality it does feel too constant with little break and like there could have been less, there were definitely scenes that would have benefited much more without it or at least from music with a less intrusive approach. Too many scenes feel like amateurishly edited and lazily choreographed, with a lot of gloss and either being overblown or lacking energy, music videos, which is a huge problem in a film full of them and with a wafer-thin story that feels like an excuse to string these scenes together.Also hugely problematic is how cliché-ridden and stereotypical it is. Not just the story, which has every done to death cliché in the book that everything feels forced and predictable with ridiculous and laughable dramatic elements with little chemistry and no substance or emotional connection whatsoever. We are also talking about the characters in a film loaded with every possible stereotype, another problem being that apart from Cammie and Bill very few of them are likable, with a difficult to relate to protagonist, and some add nothing to the film, Maria Bello's character is particularly useless and only there because the film "needed" the obligatory boss stereotype.Goodman aside, the performances are not great, or even good, at all. Adam Garcia is particularly bad, with an acting ability so limited it's almost non-existent and he feels out of place too. He doesn't even work as eye candy that well. Piper Perabo tries hard but too often lacks charisma and doesn't display a wide range of emotions with sudden shifts in character that undermine the character's growth. Everybody else is bland or annoying though Izabella Miko has moments of charm. Dialogue is painfully trite and thin throughout, while the direction lacks panache and flash. The film looks alright, especially in the colours, locations and the camera work, which show a lot of style, but cheapened by too much gloss and amateurish editing.Overall, there is a great soundtrack but 'Coyote Ugly' falls far short. 3/10 Bethany Cox

Calming the horse down to a quick trot, they hurried on in the wake ofthe stampede. They had lost all sound of the herd, and the trail whichthe ploughing hoofs had made at the beginning of the storm had beennearly obliterated by the beating [Pg 89]rain. Once they thought they caught the sound again and must be offthe track. They followed it and found it was the roaring of a highwave coming down an arroyo from a cloudburst farther up in themountain. Hurrying back, they kept to the general direction the cattlehad taken until the trail began to show more plainly in the soakedearth, like a strip of ploughed land across the hills. When theyreached the next arroyo, they found it a torrent of roaring water. Thegreater part of the cloudburst had flowed down this channel, and whereMead and the cattle had to cross merely wet sand and soaked earth,they would have to swim.

Carefully he began picking the rope with the pin, fiber by fiber, andslowly, strand by strand, the hard, twisted, weather-beaten cords gaveway and stood out on each side in stubby, frazzled ends. The pin bentand turned in his fingers, and the blood oozed from their raw ends.But he held a tight grip upon his one hope of freedom, and finally therope was so nearly separated that a sudden wrench of his body brokethe last strands. He put the bent, twisted, bloody pin carefully awayin his pocket and, stooping over, found that he could barely reach thematch on the ground. He was able to grasp also two or three dry twigsand sticks that lay near it. On the bark of the pine tree to which hewas tied were many little balls and drops of pitch. He felt over thesurface of the tree as far as he could reach and pulled off all thathe could get of this. [Pg 167]Then he found that the only part of the ropethat he could at once reach and see was that directly in front of hisbody. He turned and twisted, but there was no other way. If heattempted to burn it anywhere else he would have to guess at the bestway to hold the match, and he might waste the precious heat in whichlay his only hope.


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