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A Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath Full Movie In Hindi Download

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath: A Horror Movie Review

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath (One Night with the Devil) is a 2004 Hindi horror movie starring Sapna, Shabnam, Rajesh Sabarwal, Dimple, and others. The movie is directed by Chandni Gupta and B.K. Malhotra and produced by B.K. Malhotra. The movie is about a group of friends who go to a haunted mansion for a night of fun and adventure, but end up facing a deadly evil force that wants to kill them all.

The movie is available for online streaming and download on various platforms, such as YouTube and Pastebin. However, before you decide to watch this movie, you might want to read this review to know what to expect from this horror flick.

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The Plot

The movie begins with a couple, Rajesh (Rajesh Sabarwal) and Sapna (Sapna), who are driving to a remote mansion for a romantic getaway. On their way, they encounter a mysterious man (Mac Mohan) who warns them not to go to the mansion, as it is haunted by a shaitan (devil). Rajesh ignores the warning and drives on, while Sapna gets scared.

When they reach the mansion, they are greeted by the caretaker (Kishore Bhanushali), who tells them that the mansion belongs to his master, B.K. Malhotra (B.K. Malhotra), who is also the producer of the movie. He also tells them that there are four other guests staying in the mansion: Shabnam (Shabnam), Dimple (Dimple), Namrata (Namrata), and Sudhir (Sudhir). They are all friends of Rajesh and Sapna, who have come to celebrate Rajesh's birthday.

The friends have a good time drinking, dancing, and playing games. However, things take a sinister turn when they start hearing strange noises and seeing ghostly apparitions in the mansion. They soon realize that they are trapped in the mansion by an evil force that wants to kill them one by one. They also discover that B.K. Malhotra is not the owner of the mansion, but the shaitan himself, who has lured them into his trap.

Will the friends be able to escape from the clutches of the shaitan? Or will they become his victims? Watch Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath to find out.

The Review

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is a typical low-budget horror movie that relies on cheap thrills and clichés to scare the audience. The movie has a weak plot, poor acting, bad direction, and laughable special effects. The movie tries to copy some scenes from Hollywood horror movies like The Exorcist and The Evil Dead, but fails miserably. The movie also has some sleazy scenes that are meant to titillate the viewers, but end up being cringeworthy.

The only redeeming factor of the movie is its unintentional comedy value. Some of the dialogues, scenes, and expressions are so absurd that they make you laugh out loud. For example, there is a scene where Sapna gets possessed by the shaitan and starts speaking in English with a fake accent. There is another scene where Rajesh tries to fight the shaitan with a sword and ends up stabbing himself. There is also a scene where B.K. Malhotra reveals his true identity as the shaitan and says "I am B.K. Malhotra...and I am also shaitan". These scenes are so ridiculous that they make you wonder if the movie is actually a parody of horror movies.

In conclusion, Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is a movie that you should avoid watching unless you want to have a good laugh at its expense. The movie is neither scary nor entertaining, but rather boring and annoying. It is a waste of time and money for anyone who expects a quality horror movie.

The Rating

Based on the above review, we give Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.


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