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What is a Mesa Radionica and How to Use It?

What is a Mesa Radionica and How to Use It?

A mesa radionica is a tool that combines radiesthesia and radionics to detect and alter vibrational states. Radiesthesia is the ability to sense and identify natural radiations from objects, minerals, living beings, crystals, etc. Radionics is the science that studies the interaction of subtle energies between living beings and their environment.

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A mesa radionica consists of a board with various symbols, diagrams, scales, and geometric shapes that represent different aspects of reality. The operator uses a pendulum to ask questions and receive answers from the board. The pendulum moves according to the subconscious impulses of the operator and the energy fields of the board.

A mesa radionica can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Diagnosing and harmonizing the energy fields of people, animals, plants, places, etc.

  • Attracting and manifesting positive situations and outcomes.

  • Clearing and neutralizing negative influences and interferences.

  • Healing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues.

  • Enhancing personal and professional development.

To use a mesa radionica, you need to follow some basic steps:

  • Prepare yourself and the environment by relaxing, meditating, praying, or doing any other activity that helps you tune in with your higher self and the universal energy.

  • Choose a mesa radionica that resonates with your intention and goal. There are different types of mesas radionicas, each one with its own characteristics and functions. You can also create your own mesa radionica by following some guidelines.

  • Place the mesa radionica on a flat surface and hold the pendulum over it. You can use any type of pendulum, as long as it is balanced and clean. You can also use other instruments such as rods, forks, or antennas.

  • Ask permission to work with the mesa radionica by saying something like "I ask permission to work with this mesa radionica for the highest good of all". Wait for the pendulum to move in a positive direction (usually clockwise or horizontal).

  • Ask your question or state your intention clearly and precisely. For example, "What is the cause of my headache?" or "I intend to attract more abundance in my life". Wait for the pendulum to point to an answer on the board or move in a specific direction.

  • Interpret the answer or follow the instructions given by the pendulum. For example, if the pendulum points to a symbol that represents a chakra, you can work on balancing that chakra. If the pendulum moves in a spiral motion, you can spin it faster or slower to increase or decrease the energy flow.

  • Thank the mesa radionica and close the session by saying something like "I thank this mesa radionica for its assistance and guidance. I close this session with love and gratitude". Wait for the pendulum to stop moving or move in a negative direction (usually counterclockwise or vertical).

A mesa radionica is a powerful tool that can help you improve your life in many ways. However, you need to use it with respect, responsibility, ethics, and intuition. Remember that you are always in charge of your own destiny and that the mesa radionica is only a facilitator and not a magic wand. 0efd9a6b88


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