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Dragon Ball Super Episode 73

Furthermore, while all of the commentary on superhero cinema is still very much present, this underlying theme of revenge and blackmail is certainly a little unusual, but not exactly out of place in the world of cinema. It doeshowever feel a little awkward in a Dragon Ball episode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 73

Elsewhere, giving the episode an extra spice of variety, we've also got some shenanigans with Jaco, the ever-so-responsible galactic patrolman. He's on his way to lock some kind of parasitic space criminal up, but the perpetrator gets away and sneaks off into Gohan's story. The is parasite seems capable of possessing people and providing them with an immense boost of strength, meaning that a normal human criminal who Gohan/Saiyaman would normally be able to dispose of without a hitch now serves as much more of a threat. The episode ends with all seeming well and good, until Gohan comes face to face with Jaco himself who suspects Gohan of being the parasite's current host. What started out as a fun little "what if" story involving Gohan giving the superhero life another spin, transforms into yet another two-part adventure for the show at the cliffhanger. Human bank robbers and snobby celebrities can't do a whole lot to our planet smashing heroes, but a misguided Jaco and the villainous aliens he wrangles are a different story. 041b061a72


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