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66 Giraffes Join Thousands Of Other Animals Exported To China __FULL__

'Long before the era of geological investigation, it was suggested that England must havebeen once joined to the continent. As early as 1605, Verstegan, in his 'Antiquities of the EnglishNation,' pointed out that England must have formed part of the continent from the presence ofwolves, which would not have been introduced by man, any more than it was probable that manwould ever carry foxes into the Isle of Wight, thus proving that as lately as 250 years ago therewere no foxes in that island. No one, he says, would have imported wolves, therefore 'thesewicked beasts did of themselves pass over.' This argument, from the absence of noxious animals,is sound and of wide application. For the further we go back the more abundant we find noxiousanimals, whereas, if man had brought them over there would have been less in ancient than inmodern times. In the time of pre-historic man we find the [[p.5]] greatest number: in addition to those at present existing or recently exterminated were the hyæna, bear, lion, reindeer, bison,rhinoceros, and others. These and other facts give us a clue to the physical history of the island.

66 Giraffes join thousands of other animals exported to China




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