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Wagner, a Washington State resident, allegedly uploaded 84 videos to the site of children being sexually abused. He earned points for those uploads, which allowed him to download at least 40 videos posted by other users. Investigators caught Wagner by tracing his Bitcoin transactions back to his BTC Exchange account, which he had registered under his own name.

Pthc Top Site

The Pirate Bay has been a source for searching torrents for a long time. While other torrent search sites have shut down, this one remains. Just remember if the current URL doesn't work, you'll typically find alternative hosts.

Torrentz2 has been around since around 2016 and sprung up when the original Torrentz site shut down. It's what's known as a "meta-search" engine, meaning that it scours through results from multiple torrent search engines, so you don't have to.

The list of torrent sites this search engine plugs into is impressive. The results show up almost like an embedded web browser, with an individual tab showing search results from the individual torrent search engine.

You can also use it to search secret torrent search engines for images, videos, subtitles, shared files, and even your favorite show. If you still can't find what you need with its extensive list of torrent sites, try these free torrent alternatives.

This database is completely open to the public for paid, active members and searchable only through their search database. Google has no idea any of these stories exist. If you're after more places Google can't reach, explore these dark web websites you won't find on Google or these deep search engines.

The Hidden Wiki is the Dark Web version of Wikipedia: a directory that indexes links of .onion sites to help you navigate the Tor network. It gives you access to Dark Web social networks, anonymous chat rooms, blogs, and more.

TorLinks is similar to The Hidden Wiki, allowing you to find .onion sites quickly and easily. If The Hidden Wiki goes offline or is unavailable, your first choice should be TorLinks. It also allows you to find alternatives for many sites that are no longer available on the Dark Web.

The Intercept is a news website that publishes fearless and adversarial journalism. It prides itself on giving journalists the editorial freedom and legal support they need to investigate corruption and other injustices. Many of its articles rely on leaks and secret sources. Its .onion address offers SecureDrop for whistleblowers. This platform lets users submit documents without revealing their identities.

Darknetlive is a news site covering information related to the Dark Web, including darknet market sites, cryptocurrency resources, onion link indexes, and arrests related to Dark Web activities.

While it is accessible on the clearnet, ProPublica also maintains a Tor website. Accessing it via Tor gives you a layer of anonymity and lets you bypass blocks in countries with strict online censorship.

The Imperial Library has over 1 million books separated into 40+ categories, ensuring you can find your favorite genres like fantasy novels, self-help books, or a biography. However, since this is a Dark Web site, there is the possibility that the content you access and download is copyrighted and, therefore, against the law to access without permission. Because of this, we neither encourage nor condone the use of the Imperial Library.

Beneath VT is an onion site dedicated to exploring the steam tunnels below Virginia Tech University in the US. The tunnels carry steam, electricity, and telecommunications lines throughout the campus. The site features log entries, maps, videos, and an extensive list of the dangers the various tunnels can pose to people who enter them.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) created its own .onion site to expand its online communication with the public. The site is aimed at people who want to anonymously share information with the CIA but are wary of being tracked. It also provides the same information as its clearnet site.

The best way to find onion links is by visiting Dark Web directories like The Hidden Wiki and TorLinks. You can also use Dark web search engines like Torch to find .onion sites, but sometimes they return a sea of irrelevant results.

The Dark Web can be an interesting and valuable resource, but visiting .onion sites comes with major risks. You need a VPN with top-notch security, and privacy features to keep you safe from hackers, web trackers, and other malicious users.

Distribution of average distance of predicted EBEs relative to TATA-like elements in citrus promoters. Possible overlap between TATA box and PthA/PthC-binding site positions in the citrus promoters predicted as targets of PthA/PthC proteins. The great majority of PthA and PthC-binding sites overlap with, or are located within 30 bp of the predicted TATA-box elements in the corresponding citrus promoters.

Another outcome of our study is the proximity of the predicted EBEs relative to putative TATA boxes of promoter regions (Figure 6). This is in line with the fact that EBEs for X. oryzae TAL effectors have been also identified close to TATA elements in rice promoters [6]. Similarly, AvrBs3 binding sites are found within 100 bp upstream of the transcription start site [10], raising the idea that TAL effectors might functionally replace general TATA-binding factors, as recently proposed [24]. In addition, our data indicates that TAL effectors can function as transcriptional repressors, in particular PthC1, as discussed above (Additional files 2 and 3; Figures 3 and 4).

A position-specific weight matrix was designed based on the TAL code of associations frequencies between DNA bases and RVDs, and used to score putative effector binding elements (EBEs) of PthA1, PthA2, PthA3 and PthA4 of Xc strain 306, and PthC1 and PthC2 of XaC strain ICMP 8435, considering a thymidine (T) at position -1 of the EBE as preferential base [12, 13]. The algorithm was used to perform systematic similarity searches within 1500 bp of promoter regions relative to the translation start site of genes annotated in the genomes of C. clementina ( ) and C. sinensis ( ). Identification of orthologous relationships between these two species was based on nucleotide sequence similarities (BLASTn) and best bidirectional hit (BBH) method [89, 90]. Reciprocal sequence similarity searches between C. clementina and C. sinensis genes were performed using the BLASTn algorithm [91], with an E-value cutoff of 1xE-20, and a homemade Perl script to parse both BLASTn outputs to identify the BBH BLAST relationships (Additional file 4). The search was performed using the MOODS algorithm [92], which provided a list of possible EBEs for the PthA/PthC TAL effectors with a corresponding score for each sequence. The p-value cutoff was set to 0.001 in order to reduce false positives prediction alignments.

The DNA sequences corresponding to the promoters of C. sinensis genes having potential EBEs (top hits) were submitted to the Plant TATA-box prediction server using the TSSP program [96] at the site.

The sequences of PthC1 and PthC2 were deposited in the GeneBank as ADI48327 and ADI48328 accessions, respectively. The microarray data files (Affymetrix CEL files) for all the experiments described here have been deposited to GEO under the superseries GSE51379.

The Uncensored Hidden Wiki is exactly that; it lists most of the important, most visited, and popular sites, both legal and illegal (primarily, and mostly illegal) without discrimination for you to see.

Even though not every link over there works, 60-70% of them do, although you may want to visit our list of 30 Tor most popular Tor search engines, which has a 100% working link collection to Tor websites! (Illegal ones too, yeah!)

Using these sites to "browse" isn't unlawful, but what if you end up on a website that promotes illicit activity? Or are you going to get caught up in something else illegal? You never know what's on the other end of a.onion URL.

Planting - Trees, Shrubs, Lawn: This activity includes such tasks as planting trees, shrubs, and lawn, tree staking, work area housekeeping, and providing safe transport for crew to and from the job site.

ALCO Designs is a manufacturer of merchandising displays catering mainly, but not exclusively, to the supermarket Industry. We are based in Gardena, CA and our display solutions are manufactured on-site and overseas from a variety of materials including plastic, wood and steel.

Now available! Our new Provider Data Catalog makes it easier for you to search and download our publicly reported data. CMS also improved Medicare's Compare sites.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has built the Care Compare website at as a key tool to help consumers choose a home health care provider. It's designed to be an easy-to-access, convenient official source of information about provider quality.

CMS base the Patient Survey Star Ratings on the patient experience of care measures. CMS first posted these ratings in January 2016 and CMS post all information about the Patient Survey Star Ratings on the HHCAHPS website.

All Medicare-certified HHAs have the potential to receive a Patient Survey star rating. However, HHAs must have 40 or more completed surveys over the four-quarter reporting period to receive Star Ratings for that reporting period. Home health agencies that do not have 40 or more completed surveys for calculating Star Ratings will still have their HHCAHPS data publicly reported on the Home Health Compare website, but they will not receive star ratings.

HHCAHPS scores based on fewer than 40 completed surveys do not have sufficient statistical reliability to ensure that those scores measure true performance and not noise in the data for reporting star ratings. More details about the methods for calculating Patient Survey star ratings can be found on the HHCAHPS survey website. 350c69d7ab


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