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As with the EMON configuration files, the choice to use XML forthe experiment file provides a number of advantages. First, the user candefine the event names to be used for each specific event configuration (e.g.three_uop_retire_cycles in Figure 5), avoiding the necessity to pre-defineall possible event names or force the use of cumbersome, event-namingconventions. Second, the user does not have to allocate the ESCRs, CCCRs, andcounters for each event (the brink tool performs this allocation) and doesnot have to know or use the various MSR addresses, event select encodings,and ESCR selection values. Third, the configuration of the event detectionand counting options is done symbolically, using the symbols defined in theEMON configuration file, eliminating the need to keep track of the width andlocation of various bit fields (e.g. the compare bit and threshold field usedto define three_uop_retire_cycles in Figure 5). Fourth, many application runsto collect various sets of event data can all be specified in one experimentfile, automating the collection of large amounts of data. Fifth, all of theadvantages cited earlier for choosing XML for the EMON configuration filealso apply to the experiment file: the experiment file is human-readable,easy to create, and easy to process.

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