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We spent two days in Glasgow with our friends Andy and Fiona, who just had a baby. Fiona owns a gourmet delicatessen/restaurant called Heart Buchanan and they make the best BLT on the planet. It's doing them a disservice to only talk about the BLT as they have a whole shop full of incredible food, but that BLT is from another planet!! Andy is also a great cook and he makes the French onion soup from Les Halles in NYC better than they do. We had a great dinner of that aforementioned onion soup and roast chicken at their house and spent the night plowing through Italian and Spanish wine. I don't get to eat in like that very often and when I do it makes me realize how much I miss that experience, food, wine, friends and fucking hilarity 'til sunrise. Can't beat it."Go to this location for the complete article.

Chicken In The Cradle Full Movie Hd Download

I hold a flashlight to your organs.A liver should not be transparent.I hold your liver like a dead, stinking shark.I cradle your fins, your roving eye.I cut slivers of my heart, onion-thin, good for any salad.At night, mosquitoes bite our eyes, bed bugs bite our thighs.Flies beam from the compost and beckon us home.Where do I bury the evidence of my failure?For a better view, cut down a tree.For mercy, share this roasted chicken.The soap scum at the bottom of my tub grows another life.This is what we were promised: another life.Today, I run with a flare in my hand like a bouquet of exploding flowers.Today, I will not be transparent. [End Page 185]


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