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Rocket Propulsion K Ramamurthi Pdf Download Free

This book deals with the fundamental aspects of rockets and the current trends in rocket propulsion. The book starts with a description of motion in space, the requirements of rockets for placing spacecrafts in different orbits about the Earth and escaping from the gravitational pull of celestial bodies. The rocket equation is subsequently formulated, following examples of the motion of a sled from change of momentum and movement of giant squid in deep seas. The operating principles, performance prediction procedures, design aspects and problem areas of the different types of rockets are discussed in detail.

Rocket Propulsion K Ramamurthi Pdf Download

Rocket Propulsion. Instructor: Prof. K. Ramamurthi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. This course covers topics in rocket propulsion: motion in space, rocket principle, nozzles, chemical propellants, solid propellant rockets, liquid propellant rockets, monopropellant rockets, hybrid rockets, combustion instability, electrical rockets, and advances in rocket propulsion. (from 350c69d7ab


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