Coulro (in pre-production)


Coulro will be a feature-length grindhouse horror film about a killer clown.  A stylized throwback to classic 80's horror movies.  Currently in development; more information will be available in the coming months.

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Film & Video Projects

PrOjEcT mAyHeM


Project Mayhem is a sketch-comedy web-series with a dose of reality TV.  Taking ques from "Chapelle Show" and "In Living Color," the mayhem crew goes to any length to entertain the audience.

Starring: Adam Wright, Aneasa Clark, Bill Fargo, Carl Reynard, James Wroblewski, Jason Swinchock, Kent Hess, Matt Reynard, Matthew Veltri, Patrick Braddock and Rob Rice.

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A Chemical Skyline


A trio of road-trippers find themselves in a no-win situation with the living dead.  Survival instincts kick in and hard decisions must be made.  This short film is an homage to George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead.  In 2011, A Chemical Skyline was on the best-seller list on for 6 weeks.

Starring: Bud Johnson, Christine Soltis, Sean Dungee and Don Ribarchak

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“We aren't in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”  

– Tony Robbins

Film & Video Projects


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We provide the following award-winning services for YOUR project:


  • TV Commercials

  • Web Videos

  • Event Filming

  • Trailers

  • Teasers

  • Editing

  • Voice-Overs

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Solomon's Seafood & Grille - TV Commercial


Solomon's Seafood & Grille is a fantastic restaurant located in Washington, PA.  We shot this 30 second commercial spot for them in the spring of 2014.  We can do the same for YOUR business.  You will notice the superior quality of our commercial as opposed to what other production companies can offer.  This commercial aired in June 2014 on Comcast Cable Network on around 20 of their channels.


Please stop in to Solomon's and enjoy a great dining experience.

22 Hall Avenue

Washington, PA 15301



We also encourage you to personally contact Solomon's so that you may ask them about our professionalism, our dedication to their vision, and their satisfaction with working with us.


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Melvin Aber Photography - Infomercial Trailer


Another variation of the standard commercial that we shoot.  Again this type of trailer can be used for you and customized for exactly what you want to say about your business.

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Ticky-Tacky Voice Acting Studios - Demo Reel


Let us put some visual flair into your demo reels.  This is a visual reel we designed for our good friend, Justin Norton.  Adds another dimension to your sound reel.

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Midnight Kiss (2013) - Short Film


Directed by Jason Swinchock and written by Christine Soltis.  This short film is intended to be the pilot for an ongoing series that will solely be broadcasted from Sv Bell's Black Flag TV.  A tale of a Lilith, her boyfriend, and their dark secrets. Starring Tiffany Kemp and Mitchel Musolino.

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His Last Gift (2013) - Short Film


Written and Produced by James Wroblewski and directed by Jason Swinchock.  His Last Gift is an intellectual piece that strives to deliver the message of importance of organ donation.  Starring Aaron Romeo, Clifton Croumbles, Kent Hess and introduces Theresa Cook.

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Valerie by the Pool - Model Highlight Video


Are you a model looking to get an edge over your competition?  Our highlight videos are the perfect way for you to show off your looks.  Filmed in the style of a music video, this is the perfect way for you to grab the attention you need!

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Christine Soltis - Author Trailer


A video product that E-Nertia Global offers is a personalized trailer for you and your business.  Something a little different than the "standard" commercial.

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